Our Story

Trish Colby, Co-founder | Columbus, Ohio

Trish Colby has been CEO of several companies and has over 30 years of lobbying, government affairs, political consulting and business development. Surviving breast cancer twice and losing a daughter to a brain tumor gives Trish the perspective to understand what those with preexisting medical conditions are experiencing through Covid and how important it is to keep yourself as safe as possible through proper mask wearing and care.  Wearing masks and keeping them clean is essential in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Tamie Sullivan, Co-founder | Cincinnati, Ohio
Tamie Sullivan is a veteran communications consultant, nonprofit leader and entrepreneur. Through innovation and collaboration, she regularly seeks solutions to complicated issues. As the coronavirus hit the U.S. and with her own family members in the essential workforce and on the frontline, she became concerned with the need to preserve and properly care for non-medical grade masks.  The patent-pending product line of mask cases offers solutions for all lifestyles to safely store reusable masks to help prevent the spread of the virus and promote improved hygiene and health. 
Joan Robinette, Chief Design Officer (CDO) | Catlettsburg, Kentucky
Joan Robinette has over 40 years of experience working in two sewing factories and in the delivery business. Her extensive experience has been invaluable. One of the reasons Joan became involved in the design and production of CovCase is because she had several family members die of COVID-19. She wants everyone to know that Covid is real. Not everyone wore masks at a family function and within the next two weeks, six members from the same table contracted COVID-19.  Three of them died from COVID-19.  Now, Joan wears a mask every time she is in public. Joan and her friends now have a lot of different masks, one for almost every outfit. And they now have something to carry their masks in besides the zip-loc bags, they were using.  Joan wanted to help make as many CovCases as possible, so everyone can safely store and carry their masks.